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crossocheilus harming its mates?

I always knew siamese algae eaters being good and peaceful companions for the most of community tanks.
I have one young - under 2" - in my 10G since 2 months during which time did almost nothing but escaping from a chasing male krib. 3 weeks ago I fished out the krib and bartered it for an otocinclus and an ancistrus.
suddenly the crossocheilus get free to eat algae all day long, but at the sa,e time begun to involve heavily 
the otocinclus in its game of hitting it on the back.
otto keep doing in a good shape for a few days more and then suddenly died. the ancistrus, who was living quietly become the new target of crossocheilus
and unfortunately it died too yesterday.
I remember the species is normally aggressive towards its realtives. I've no referencess handy: may Loricarides be considered by the same standard as crossocheilus?
thanks in advance for any comments
--Alessandro Pirotta

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