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"ChuckW7160" whisper filter and nitrifying bacteria.

I thought about using a
>whisper type of filter with the removable cartridge but I've thought about
>major drawback. when you periodically replace the cartridge you are throwing
>away all of your nitrifying bacteria, thus throwing your tank out of balance.
>How do you get around this problem? Has anyone come up with a way to
provide a
>stable bacteria bed without having excessive gas exchange? Any help would be
>greatly appreciated.

Two solutions:
	1.	Dont throw away your filter! When it gets clogged catch a couple of
gallons of your "fish tank water" in a large open container, un pack the
filter and rinse the wadding in the tank water. Use tank water so you wont
harm bacteria left on the wadding. Then replace it.

	2.	Whisper makes an add-on sponge to provide additional surface area for
growing bacteria. It is not to be rinsed at the same time as the filter.

~David Boukmn.