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green water - simply disapear?

Hi all,
I have a problem.
3 month old 65 gallon tank. 4ft x18x18 inches. 4x40 watt fluro tubes + a
few hours direc(ish) sun light ! CO2 injection, 48 small fish (neon size)
fed lightly with flakes twice daily. Mostly stem plants, The tank was
pretty good and algae free till now.
ph 7.0 no nitrate, no phosphate, 78f, 6kH 10gH

The water is getting fairly cloudy green, you can just see from the one end
of the tank to the other, I guess this is because the green water is using
whatever is available. which is very little.

I can't get a diatom filter, Im a student, 17yo. and run 5 tanks (even the
food costs me a few bucks a day) Besides I would rather buy a few high
quality young discus then a filter which cost $250 here in AUS.
I cant cover the tank up for a week, not practical for numerous reasons.

So, should I add KNO3 and let the plants use up whatever phosphate they can
I cant find kno3 anyway so that will be hard.

Should I use a phosphate resin?

Water changes or not? I spose that water changes are good cos they will
remove the algae mass until the plants hopefully beat it.

What about a water clarifier do they really work and do they really harm
fish, if they do how come they are for sale?

Do I stop using seachem flourish? or doesnt that contribute to the algae,
what about increasing/decreasing co2?
the kH is 6 and the pH around 7.2 at max

Any advice much appreciated,
Daniel Green
bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.edu.au