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fun with CO2

When my husband picked up the CO2 cylinder three weeks ago, the guy at the
shop gave him two washers - one soft and one hard.  I didn't know about this
until this week-end when I noticed that the pressure reading on the
regulator indicated that the tank was getting very low.

On Sunday I took the regulator off and found these things.  :(   They
prevented the regulator from being screwed on properly and allowed the CO2
to slowly escape.  (So THAT'S what he was fussing about!)

On the up side, my Geranium, which three weeks ago was a pale,
forlorn-looking thing has turned a dark green and has 3 flowers on it, and
the fern above my bedside table has trebled in size.  .....and I thought it
was the fertilizer.....my bedroom had the "greenhouse effect" for sure!!!!!

G. Kadar
no longer the techno moron when it comes to CO2 cylinders