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CarlaThorn's "DIY co2 having no effect" problem.

I too had a similar problem. I never appreciated the negative effect on CO2
concentrations that ANY rippling can have on the water surface till I got
rid of the wet-dry. Forget air stones. I know some may say wet-drys don't
always have to be deletrerious to CO2 conc. Perhaps good DIYers can devise
a way to minimize the problem but its not worth it! You get better results
from allowing your yeast tube to release CO2 into the intake of a "Whisper"
filter (with the water level submerging the outlet by at least 1cm, this
cuts down on the surface disturbance).  You will get the BEST results using
a POWERHEAD; "RIO" Brand I find most versitile since it uses suckers
allowing it to be attatched deep in the aquarium away from the surface.

~David Boukmn.