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Re: PMDD and lotus bulbs

I originally purchased some normal lotus bulbs whose original color was red.  They have
changed from red to green and green to red depending on the amount of duckweed at the
top of my tank. Lately I have noticed that some of the leaves have spots like the tiger
lotus. I am fairly sure that theis isn't a tiger lotus.  My question is if the two
lotus plants are in fact the same with some different chromosomes switched on?

I am also interested in making a complete switch over to pmdd from my current regime of
epsom salts and kent plant fertiliser.  Where can I find the ingredeiants in the bulk
sizes that have been described?  I need Plantex csm.  and kno3.  I checked my local
home depot for green light  stump remover and they didn't have it. I appriciate any
source names.

Final uestion is if any one knows of a simple way to eiminate duckweed.  In my tank it
is almost as bad as suspended green algae.  I s there any fish that will go after it
and eat it it from the surface.  If this fish exists is he compatible with discus?

Adam Weingarten
Javablue at concentric_net