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Flag fish and shrimp

I have some Florida Flag fish in quarantine as possible hair algae
Will they mess with my algae shrimp?
Will they eat my hair algae? - the coarse stringy stuff! see below.
I really like the shrimp and don't want to put anything in that would
harm the shrimp.

Yes I still have some nasty hair algae in my 120G - Cladophora sp or
Rhizoclonium sp. ( I keyed them out with a scope and my old copy of "The
Freshwater Algae" by G W Prescott 1970 )
The tank is doing much better since I've cleaned out all the Flourish I
was dumping in.
I'm embarrassed to say I though all Flourish was an iron supplement!
Hey the bottle doesn't say much about content.
Can you picture me measuring the water iron content (very low) and
dumping in some more Flourish to get those plants cooking so they can
"outstrip" the algae but not knowing that it was full of algae

I now have Flourish Iron ;-)))))

The SAEs are eating the BBA but nobody wants the other coarse stringy

Interesting point - the hair algae only grows on certain plants.
The faster growing healthier plants are left alone.

Chris (topher in case you were wondering)
cdwells at concentric_net (soon to change)