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Re: Out of Control Stem Plants

<<I am planning a visit to the lfs on Tuesday because that is when the new
plants will be available.  Am I supposed to replace some of these stem
plants with things like swordplants?  Does anyone have any suggestions as to
what I should do?>>

Sounds like an aquatic horticulturists dream!  In my opinion, its all a matter
of aesthetics and how much you want to hang your arm in the water.  I keep
small tanks (all less than thirty gallons).  I love stem plants because you
can vary your plantings and keep things looking fresh.  I usually let my stem
plants overgrow and then pull them up and replant the choicest tops in groups
of two or three.  Sometimes I make dense bushes by pruning the tops and
letting the plants branch out.  Pruning stem plants is a bit like getting a
haircut.  No matter what you do, it grows out in a month or so.

For what it's worth.

William M. Cwirla
Hacienda Heights, CA