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Re: flying yeast

Susan writes:
> Actually that may not be the worst thing that happens. Going gangbusters with
> the yeast concoction could be lethal given the wrong water supply.
> Those who are blessed with water that's rock solid for pH could go full speed
> ahead. For my water conditions, even limping along can cause dangerous pH
> crashes (even fish that can stand low pH of <5 hide). Even half portions of
> yeast in my reactors can yield dangerously low pH levels.
> In any case, full speed ahead can be dangerous. I'm with the "start small and
> work your way up to optimum level crowd". 
> Susan

Susan,  Certainly if you are just starting out, or don't know your 
water's buffering capacity, it would be wise to start slowly.  But I've 
been using CO2 for 2 or 3 years, and am now playing around with 
the champagne yeast.  I did start small and work my way up.  I 
would not suggest that everyone do what I am doing now!  

Perhaps you will want to check the KH of your water and add a 
little carbonate if the water is very soft.  Then you won't have those 
pH crashes.  

Cathy H (who spent this sunny spring day in Maryland on my 
deck, building a new aquarium stand.  The madness spreads....)