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What do I do with the plants now?

About three weeks ago I started to supply CO2 to my tank plus PMDD.   I've
had to do some pruning every week, but now I don't know which direction I
should go. This is a 48 x 24 x 24 inch tank.

The Rotala has turned into a massive forest that reaches the surface.  I
originally planted four Cabombas in the back corner, and they have grown all
the way along the back, the side and now are halfway across the front.  So
they must be about 5 - 6 feet long!  My original 3 water sprites are now too
many.  I traded some in at the lfs for 4 amano shrimps (for the algified
guppy tank).

What do I do with these out-of-control stem plants?

I am planning a visit to the lfs on Tuesday because that is when the new
plants will be available.  Am I supposed to replace some of these stem
plants with things like swordplants?  Does anyone have any suggestions as to
what I should do?

A few months ago I planted 3 eight inch tall vallisneria.  They were all
connected to each other.  Well, these things are not normal.  The daughter
plants are Jungle Val.  The strappy leaves are more than half an inch wide
and more than 30 inches long.

One good thing though, the cryptocorynes that I forgot existed have started
to sprout leaves out of the substrate and some of the Glossostigma is
crawling along horizontally.

The only problem I will have is that the clown loaches like to eat things
like Amazon swords, and Aponogeton, so I want to make sure that I don't
waste money on expensive salad for these guys.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

G. Kadar