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	I just received a "National Wildlife" catalog from the National Wildlife
Federation.  It contains an advertisement for "The Omnarium", a semi closed
aquarium system containing aquatic plants and tropical fish. The manufacturer
is the same company that produces "The Ecosphere", a closed (sealed) marine
system featuring shrimp, algae, and snails.
	Anyone played with the Omnarium yet?  It quite honestly looks like a
glorified version of the plastic one-gallon hex tanks that have become popular
alternatives to the goldfish bowl in the last few years.  The instructions
<http://www.eco-sphere.com/> imply that the system requires an active
biological filter, but it apparently does not come with the filter
established.  Fish stocking levels are high and I have to wonder whether
mortality is also high initially, even with the plants removing waste
products.  (The Omnarium comes with a "special hook for removing dead fish".) 
	It is advertised as comming fully assembled in  the NW catalog, but the web
site indicates that the kit is shipped with the animals and plants in plastic
	Has anyone attempted anything similar on their own?  A planted aquarium with
a tight-fitting lid will probably operate as the Omnarium advertises, but only
after a period of "break-in", and with lower rates of fish stocking.  Thoughts
and opinions?

Pete Mohan
Kent, OH