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more on needle valves

Well, I found a catalog with about 10,000 needle valves listed but no
prices.  The rating on the valves appears almost greek to me.  They
list orifice opening sizes and some kind of flow rating in relation ship to
turns.  I'm sure there are several hundred valves in there that would meet
our needs.  The big problem is how do I determine what flow I need on
the measurements they give.  Does anyone have knowledge of these flow
ratings that can estimate what I need for flow and orifice opening size.

I'd love to bring my regulator up to 10 si where it seems much more stable
than the 3 psi I'm at now.  From the regulator I'd like to have the valve
my CO2 to 1 1/8 bubble per second coming out of an open air line into the
intake of my canister filter.  Any help with my flow requirements would be