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RE: Nymphaea lotus bulbs APD # 932

There was a request for the above bulbs in the APD. Someone recommended
World Wide Pets as a source. It just happens that I live only 30 minutes
from them and was going there anyway. So I asked about them and was told
that they can get just about any plant / bulb available, but don't have any
right now. Two weeks ago they had Mangrove plants sticking out of a tank for
sale! You can email them at: info at worldwidepetsupply_com , the only request
the owner has is that you request the scientific name of the plant if at all
possible.I do not work there and have no connection whatsoever, but have
"furnished" my 55 gal. planted aquarium with all plants from this store and
have had very  good luck with everything I have bought there. They are the
only LFS in CT with a really good selection and quality of aquatic plants.

Hope This Helps Someone!
Bob Buettner
from windy and wet  Harwinton CT

Go Huskies!!!! on to the final!