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which way

What is the recommended way of adding macronutrients
1) After every water change and maintain
0.5 to 2.5 ppm for Mg, 
1-5 ppm for K and
5 to 25 ppm for NO3


2) Dissolving them (with trace mix) according to PMDD's recipe   ?

I have a tank with plants displaying major nutrient deficiencies sympoms
like Iron, potassium, calcium etc.  Wouldn't it be better to dose the
tank with
a)KNO3 to get say 5ppm NO3
b)MgSO4.7H2O to get 1ppm Mg
c)K2SO4 to get 1ppm K

AND then

d)Making PMDD with_only_the_micronutrients and dosing the tank
accordingly ??

NOW, if the tank is really severe in iron, wouldn't it be better to add
sufficient trace mix to get 0.1ppm Fe? And this step will replace d)

My concern is that, should I brew PMDD (macro + trace mix) and dose my
200 litre tank daily, surely the required concentration for those
elements will take WEEKS to settle at an equilibrium condition. And my
plants could all be gone by then.

Please advise.

Rudi Jomo
Djakarta, Indonesia.

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