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Re: Mergus vs Tetra Baensch "Aquarium Atlas"

In APD #933 Alex Ling asks:

Hello APDers,
   That Fish Place has a 3-volume "Aquarium Atlas" from Tetra.  They say
that the authors are Rudiger Riehl and Hans Baensch.  But the volume
from my public library (US ISBN 1-890087-12-2, 3-88244-050-3 elsewhere)
is published by Mergus-Verlag and lists USA distribution by Microcosm
Ltd, in Shelbourne, Vermont.  Is Tetra a second distributor, or is the
TFP book a totally different work?
   Thanks for your help.  -- Alex Ling

I have the book you are referring to. On the credits it lists Mergus as a
registered trademark in the USA. The newest copyright date is 1997 by MERGUS-
Verlag Hans A. Baensch 49302 Melle, Germany. It is published in the United
States by Microcosm Ltd. of Shelburne, Vermont. The ISBN# is 1-890087-05-X
(USA ONLY) and 3-88244-504-1 (for other countries). These numbers are for Vol.
1.  At no point is there any mention of Tetra. 

I believe TFP erred in their catalog. They advertise the Tetra third volume
contains over 900 fishes and 80 plant species. On page 135 of the April
edition of the "Freshwater and Marine Aquarium" magazine they advertise the
Baensch Atlas Vol. 3 with the same number of fish and plants. TFP beats their
price by $10.00 though. A simple phone call would confirm this or not.

One word of caution though, for the most part this is a good reference book
but some of the information in Baensch's Atlas is not completely accurate.
Volume 1 was found to have misinformation regarding SAE's. A more complete
atlas for freshwater fish, in my opinion, is Dr. Herbert Axelrod's Atlas of
Aquarium Freshwater Fishes. This atlas contains more than 7,800 color photos
and is cheaper than buying all 3 volumes from Baensch. Hope this helps.

Tom Bates
Allentown, PA