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Re: Mergus vs Tetra Baensch "Aquarium Atlas"?

> Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 08:43:40 -0500
> From: A Ling <aling at alum_mit.edu>
> Subject: Mergus vs Tetra Baensch "Aquarium Atlas"?
> Hello APDers,
>    That Fish Place has a 3-volume "Aquarium Atlas" from Tetra.  They say
> that the authors are Rudiger Riehl and Hans Baensch.  But the volume
> from my public library (US ISBN 1-890087-12-2, 3-88244-050-3 elsewhere)
> is published by Mergus-Verlag and lists USA distribution by Microcosm
> Ltd, in Shelbourne, Vermont.  Is Tetra a second distributor, or is the
> TFP book a totally different work?

That just depends on edition #. My 4th edition lists Tetra Press as distributor.
Vol. 3 lists Tetra Press as publisher in the US, also. Some errors were
corrected, like the famous early cross-up between Flying Fox and SAE captions in
Vol. 1. [They look OK in my 4th ed., BTW]

Basically, I think they are all the same works.


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