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Yeast in tank...Please help

After along day at the office I get home to see a cloudy 55 GALL. After closer
inspection, it seems as thought the dog knocked over my juice bottle CO2
injector, and the contents are climbing up the airhose into HOT Magnum I use
break up the bubbles.  I I fix it,OK all seems well, and go to bed.

Now, upon rising this AM I see all my little friends at the surface, breathing
quite heavily. CRISIS...........I immediately change about 15 Gall. of
water..(without one drop of coffee I might add...If you knew me you would be
impressed), and now am vigourously aggitating the surface of the water with
HOT and powerhead outflows. Signs of fish stress diappear ( I don't even want
to know wht the pH is..gulp)
My big question is, how long will the yeast survive in my tank? Am I going to
have to do a huge water change to get rid of them? Anyone who as either
knowledge, experience ( I won't tell) or both are welcome to make, comments,
suggestions, or either. You can leave them here, or you are welcome to email
me at Ludwigia10 at aol_com . Any help is greatly appreciated.