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RE: Filtration and crud build up

In APD #913 Hugo Hoekstra wrote:

"I have a 41 G densely planted tank which 
develops a lot of crud on the bottom, which I thought was due to insufficient 
filtration, (I use the Eheim 2211 for that tank) but what would be the cause 
of this, just bad circulation ? I once stopped feeding for about a week to see
if it had to do with feeding but that maked no significant difference."

According to the info I have on an Eheim 2211, it is rated for 80 GPH and for
use on aquariums up to 20 gallons. Using the formula to figure out turnover
rate your filter, with no media installed, will turnover your 41 Gal in about
6.5 hrs. This is about twice the turnover rate using the manufacturers specs
but given the fact that your aquarium is planted I think the filter you are
using should be sufficient.
One solution I can think of is that the filter pick-up tube may be hidden
behind your plants. You said this is a densely planted tank. This dense plant
growth may be creating voids in the water circulation creating "dead" spots
with little or no circulation. Is there any way you can rearrange or thin out
the plants to create various pathways to the filter pick-up tube? Maybe moving
the pick-up tube to the another location would help. After doing this, stir up
some of the "crud" and see if it flows into the filter or just resettles on
the bottom. 
When doing your water changes are you using any king of gravel washing tube?
Do you have any species of bottom feeding fish in here? I would suggest Cory's
or Loaches.

Tom Bates
Allentown, PA