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Re: filtration & crud build up

On 23-Mar-99, FISH2R at aol_com wrote:
>I wouldn't worry about being under the flow recommendation as long you do not
>notice it by observing your aquarium. I totally agree with Alex Pastors post
>in APD #919.
>A well planted aquarium will take care of most of the filtering needed by
>itself as long as the aquarium does not have a "heavy" fish load. If you are
>worried about circulation, install a powerhead to move the water. 

Thanks for the reply Tom. My 100G tank is pretty clean, but now knowing this
another question comes to mind: I have a 41 G densely planted tank which 
develops a lot of crud on the bottom, which I thought was due to insufficient 
filtration, (I use the Eheim 2211 for that tank) but what would be the cause 
of this, just bad circulation ? I once stopped feeding for about a week to see
if it had to do with feeding but that maked no significant difference.

Best regards,

Hugo Hoekstra