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Re: new tanks is pearling

On Fri, 26 Mar 1999, Daniel Boyer wrote:

> ... about 8:30 I walked
> by the tank and suddenly noticed that the plants were bubbling like mad.  I
> had only seen this in pictures... I have been trying to get my two main
> tanks to do this for the past 9 months (to no avail) and then I just throw
> some stuff in a tank and it suddenly starts pearling!!!  Anyone want to tell
> me what made these plants pearl in this 5 gallon tank when they won' t pearl
> in my 29gal tank w/ 160 watts of light, CO2 injection, and a peat/sand
> substrate?  Thanks, Daniel

This may be because of the lack of circulation in the new tank.  Without
circulation the oxygen levels in the new tank can more easily exceed
saturation, and that leads to pearling.

Roger Miller