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"alex pastor" Subject: Re: red lotus bulbs

To Alex; Where are you located? I recommend you start the plants off in low
tanks (12-14in) with layered sand /gravel, topsoil/peat and Osmocote slow
release (15-3-10). I use Mexican Red Potter's Clay soaked in trace elements
and molded around a Jobes Plant stick. Strongly consider CO2! DIY yeast
reactor is in expensive and will increase the size of the plants leaves 4
times compared to W/o CO2! Not to mention the greatly accelerated growth
rate. When the plant has 5-7 large leaves, transfer it to a deeper aquarium
if that is your ultimate goal. This will give the plant that huge "red bush
effect" and if you do indeed have great lighting the plant will maintain
its original leaves and you will avoid the "Lily-pad effect" of surface
leaves. If per chance a surface leaf does show up, nip it before it gets to
the surface. If you don't, henceforth they will forever plague you until
you bite the bullet and cut them ALL! This despite your strong light.
Banana plants pull this trick as well and so does spatterdock. I think a
surface leaf that hits the meniscus, triggers chemical changes that prompts
the plant to produce these leaves exclusively. Does anyone on the list know
a wholesaler (or retailer willing to ship) selling Tiger Lotus bulbs?
Supply seems to be drying up in South Florida. Please E-mail me.

~David Boukmn.