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Re: Gold Neon Tetras/Columbian Tetras

>I was wondering if anyone has seen a particular genetic tweak of
>Paracheirodon innesi called the Gold Neon Tetra. It is a beautiful
>and I was told by a shop owner that they are only occasionally
>when specific breeders sell them. Has anyone kept these fish in
>tanks? Are they as hardy as the normal Neon? I would love to know
>exactly the "tweak" consists of.

I recently posted a comment on finding some of these at the local
PETsMART.  After 5 weeks or so I have 7 left of the 8 I purchased,
and they seem to be doing great in my 10gallon.  And as several
people in my area find neon tetras not at  *all* hardy, I can say
I'm quite happy with these little fish.  They really brighten up my
tank plus get my Red-Blue Columbian Tetras to take a little more
interest in their surroundings.

As for my Columbian Tetras, sorry but I don't have their scientific
name on hand.  I love them since their coloring is similar to that
of the Neon Blue Rainbows, only not as pale a blue.  Their red fins
really show up during a feeding frenzy.  They have not seemed to
bother any of their companion plants (baby swords, cabomba, Borneo
fern, "green hedge," Tropica Sunset hygro, and Riccia) in the least.
As a plus, they also leave be a dozen ghost shrimp.

in Spring-Has-Sprung (for now anyway) Michigan