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re: Too much Potassium Gluconate

Sherman Lovell wrote:

> Never one to do things in half-measures, I threw a
> bunch of Potassium Gluconate tablets in the tank, and
> the next morning there was a fine, shimmering, silky
> growth all over the front glass.

> Itwas a minor, transient problem, but maybe K2SO4
> is the better choice for a big dose?  Potassium gluconate
> is certainly a lot easier to find.

For the record,  when I have used potassium gluconate, I think
its been to increase potassium by 5mg/L or so.  I have not had a
white residue or other problems.

I think I agree that for larger doses you don't want potassium
gluconate.  It's just not cost effective.  But the value in the product is
its convenience.  If you have a suspected potassium deficiency,  this
is a good way to find out.  Having established that,  you can continue
its use or find K2SO4.

I have read the label on my potassium gluconate and am not overly
worried about the gluconate. ( its used too much already in the
aquarium industry )  But not knowing a whole lot about "binders"
used  in vitamins and minerals,  I think from now on I'll forgo the
convenience of it and dose with K2SO4.  I have mine from Homegrown
Hydroponics ( 416) 242-GROW.  500g was quite cheap.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net