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Too much Potassium Gluconate?

>3.  What are the effects of overdosing an aquarium if a (Potassium 
> Gluconate) dosing mistake is made?

        Never one to do things in half-measures, I threw a bunch of
Gluconate tablets in the tank, and the next morning there was a fine,
shimmering, silky growth all over the front glass.  I assume the two
events were related.  For each 99 mg of potassium, there's about half a
gram of gluconate that comes along with it in a 550 mg tablet.  I think
maybe some kind of bacteria really liked all that organic stuff(?)  It
was a minor, transient problem, but maybe K2SO4 is the better choice for
a big dose?  Potassium gluconate is certainly a lot easier to find. 
(BTW, I see at the Seachem site that they have announced "Flourish
Potassium" will be available soon.) 
        Here's a chem question:  How does the pharmacy get "Equivalent
to 99 mg
of Potassium" in a 550 mg tablet?  If the gluconate moiety weighs in at
195 (C6=72, H11=11, O7=112), and the K at 19, then the total is 214. 
19/214 = 8.9% potassium.  8.9% of a 550 mg tablet is 49 milligrams, not
99, and that's not even allowing for the binders and stuff.  What have I
got wrong this time?
-- Sherman Lovell, whose aquarium will never get Osteoporosis, Anemia,
or a Potassium deficiency as long as there's a Rite-Aid pharmacy down
the street.