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Co2 Regulator/Head Pressure

Steve Dixon wrote in response to Chris Ferrell in response to John Lemons
question about "Lowes Cheap Regulator"

Chris wrote:  "I have stumbled on a cheap regulator, and would like some
feedback regarding suitability.  Since a "aquarium" regulator can cost
$150, this little gem looks promising.  It's a small compressed air
regulator sold at Lowe's for $20.  It would need a couple of  fittings
and maybe a needle valve to adapt to a Co2 cylinder, but total cost
should be $30.  It is rated to about 200lbs.  Anyone know the partial
pressure of CO2 off the top of their heads?"

Steve wrote...........
Be very careful here.  My CO2 tanks run at about 900 psi or so.  I would
be scared to death to use equipment rated for 200 psi.  Don't do this
unless someone who knows what they're doing explains why it would be
Regards, Steve Dixon

I couldn't agree more Steve.  What you might want to check out are the
9/24oz.. Co2 bottles used with paintball guns.  They are about $25-$50 buck
depending on where you get them.  A 9oz.. bottle may run near 200psi ?? You
would need the correct fittings of course.     My 2.5lbs. bottle runs also
at about 8-900psi!!

CONJECTURE FOLLOWS...........My guess is that the size of the bottle may
have nothing to do with head pressure.  In other words, it takes the same
amount of pressure to fill a 9oz. as a 20lbs. bottle because the density of
gas is the same in any size bottle ??   _OR_   does this mean a 1lbs. bottle
runs at ~360psi..?? or ~22.5psi. per Oz?  Given that,  a 9oz.. bottle
would run at ~202.5psi??  I don't think this the size bottle to head psi is
linear??  Hopefully an expert can step in here.

Tom Brennan