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re: Trace Elements

>> Christopher Coleman wrote

> Lance Tuttle wrote

>> I think though that it is important to know your
>> tapwater first before supplementation.  You are
>> after all only  supplementing your tap - if there's
>> enough in there, there's no need to supplement.
>> I think that when tap water is deficient,  it is most
>> often deficient in a macronutrient, not a micro
>> nutrient.  Iron may be a popular exception.
>> Do you have a particular reason for wanting to
>> add a trace element?

> Actually yes I do.  I had my water tested and it wos
> found to be lacking trace elements at the LFS.  The
> only advice that I could get at that point was Instant
> Ocean.

OK, now where getting somewhere.  I have found that
my LFS doesn't always have the knowledge I would like.
Sometimes they also are motivated to sell.  Hey why not,
there a store!

Is it possible to have a second opinion on your tap water?
The water authority may very well be able to supply you
with a list of what's in there.  You could report that back
to the list here and get a second opinion on your water. This
is a lot less work than cleaning up algae from an overly
fertille tank.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net