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Re: CO2 Question


For the CO2 supply, I think there would be no need to supply 24 hours.
Having a solenoid valve and a timer will be good enough to supply CO2 to the
plant.  You can add a long term CO2 monitoring device to check  the adequacy
of CO2.

pH controller will give you more information about the concentration of CO2
if you know the kH or control the CO2 concentration by altering the pH under
a given kH.  But the cost will be at least triple or more.  However, it is
very convenient to know the pH value of your tank.


Date: 23 Mar 99 10:21:06 HKT
From: Patrick Ng <nghakkong at netscape_net>
Subject: CO2 Question

Dear Digest Readers,

I am thinking of buying a solenoid valve to hook up with a timer so that the
CO2 will be shut off with the lights for purpose of saving the CO2. I would
like to know :

1. Is turning the CO2 on for 24 hrs. be better off
2. Is using a PH controller a better option than hooking the solenoid valve
with a timer

Can someone shed some light on the above?


Patrick Ng
Hong Kong