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Algae growing - please heeeeeelp!!!!!

> Plese help me: I am being overcome with hair algae... It grows everywhere:
> plants, on the walls, in riccia, just floating on the surface etc... It is
> 55 gal tank that has 2 GE plant&aquarium lamps, 1 GE sunlight and 1 cool
> white lamp. It has a lot of plants and 6 convicts with babies in it. It
> has one 5 inch plecostomus. 

I recently had the beginning of hair algae. I must accomplish the same
regime in Feb, because for the last two years, every March I seem to 
have this problem. I swear this stuff is a yearly cycle. Others of course
disagree. Anyway, I recently read that some BBA actually receive their
nutrients from light. Since my tank had 5ppm of Nitrates, .02 of phosphates,
I turned off my lights and covered the tank for 48 hours with blankets,
the tank in total darkness. After this period the hair algae was about 80% 
gone. I waited two days and repeated the 48 hour darkness. My nutrients are
still within the low range, and the hair algae is gone. This was over a week
You may want to try this out, once of course the nutrients are reduced. I
not have the explosion of BBA as you indicated, I caught mine early.