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Re: Shrimp Varieties

I have an all shrimp planted tank setup.  I have the following shrimps in
my tank:

C. Japonica
Japanese Bee Shrimp
Singaporean Wood Shrimp - This one changes color from brown to black
depending on                                               the wood and
leaf that it is eating from.
White shirmp from Malaysia
Spotted Shrimp from Hong Kong
A Swimming shrimp from our country - this shirmp is constantly swimming and
				very seldom rests in leaves or driftwood.  				This is a small shrimp
with a red nose and 				a green body that changes its color from 				green
to red, depending on its mood. 
Golden shrimps from Thailand

Most of these shrimps will thrive only at temperature of above 28 degree
celcius and once the temperature rises to 30 degrees celcius, most of them
will begin to die!

All of them eat algae but if there will be a shortage of algae,  I  just
supplement them with algae pellets that they really like.

I also have some big shrimps that are scavengers, they usually eat uneaten
foods and dead fishes and shrimps only.  They don't hurt the algae eating

I hope that I have give some information on your request.

Edison Yap