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RE: Steve's Phosphorus

      I have to concure with the notion of attaining phosphorus as the
limiting nutient as the best way for maintaining a tank's nutient
balance. This is the "flowering" nutient also.Shock will cause flowering

also.Many plants go dormant after flowering having completed their
life's cycle for that generation unless they are annuals like Ottelias
generally speaking . This may keep(only very small amounts of P) many
plants from completing this cycle as so to keep that plant from stalling

,  getting more effective "life" out of the plant as a result. There are

many chemical reactions going on in every tank .It's difficult to nail
each one down for the average aquatic plant keeper of what does what
,but if I had to pick one, it'd be phosphorus. It certainly doesn't play

the role Fe does .
       After talking with Steve, I've tried the KNO3 and found so
far.....that additions do help the plants in well cycled tanks. Thanks

Tom Barr        AGA/SFAS