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RE:Attaching Moss to cork

This may be done several ways. I use wire(picture wire-galvinised steel)
cut in small lenghts about an inch long. These are bent to form a "U"
shaped nail that can hold a plant or moss of your choice. Thick super
glue has worked also but is more permanent and the plant needs to be
dried and the cork also before application.Epoxy also but the wire
methods are the best and easiest from many perspectives of attaching
things to cork. Bolbitis grows super on cork BTW .Once the moss has
"taken" it will crawl all over the back in no time .Moss can get very
messy though. Riccia can be done also in this same manner if your heart
desires........ looks great but is laborious to maintain !!!
For the paranoid, the wire does corrode eventually(months after the
graft has taken) and is quite harmless, as are the cork backings. This
can be a very modular system and holds much in the way of creative
Hope this helps.
      Tom Barr       AGA/SFAS