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re: Potassium Dosing and Testing

Ken Whelan wrote:

> I've got a couple of questions for all of the
> experts.
> 1.  Is it possible to test for Potassium levels ?
> I've looked but not found a test kit.
> 2.  What are the dosing recomendations for
> the following.
>  Potassium Gluconate
 > Potassium Sulfate
 > Potash  K2O
> 3.  What are the effects of overdosing an
> aquarium if a dosing mistake is made.

LaMotte does sell a test kit:  it is model  3138-KIW.  This kit is
sufficient for aquarium needs but is somewhat more subjective
than the other LaMotte aquarium tests,  performing a turbidity
test in which you have to determine whether or not you can see
a black dot.  Limnologists will appreciate this.

Toxicity of potassium is less severe than than other macro nutrient
ions.  However resultant imbalances if you really go overboard can
cause deficiencys ion other cations which use the same mechanisms
for plant uptake. Calcium and magnesium would be particularly suspect.
Just go light and make sure you have a deficiency before you

Regards levels of the different forms,  targeting anywhere from 5 - 15
mg/L should be sufficient.

Good luck.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net