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re: trace elements

Lance Tuttle wrote:

> I am looking to add trace elements to my tank.
> I would like to find a product that is  available at
> a local fish store or local hardware store.  I live
> in the North East.  If I could get a list of the trace
> elements I think that I could track them down.
> If anyone out there could help it would be appreciated.

I am not sure exactly what brands you will find at an LFS.  I find
mail order convenient and cheaper.  There you have several choices.

I think though that it is important to know your tapwater first before
supplementation.  You are after all only  supplementing your tap - if
there's enough in there, there's no need to supplement.  I think that when
tap water is deficient,  it is most often deficient in a macro nutrient, not
a micro nutrient.  Iron may be a popular exception.

Regards finding a solution at the hardware store.  I will most definetly
be oriented toward land plants ... with their unique needs.  Oftent it's
not the best way.

Do you have a particular reason for wanting to add a trace element?

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net