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Solenoid Valves

alla James:)      Patrick Ng is wondering whether to purchase a solenoid

I purchased a decent quality solenoid valve for my CO2 setup six months ago.
Basically, I wish I hadn`t bothered. The valve is very hot to the touch,
noisy when clicking on/off and although probably saves some CO2 in the long
run would take an awful long time to recover the cost of the initial

My CO2 now runs continuosly into my diffuser (as it had done for the past 8
yrs +) and my PH is just as stable. I don`t really think you need to bother
with a solenoid valve. I can fix my PH at 6.8 +/-0.1 no problem without a PH

"Dear Digest Readers,

I am thinking of buying a solenoid valve to hook up with a timer so that the
CO2 will be shut off with the lights for purpose of saving the CO2. I would
like to know :

1. Is turning the CO2 on for 24 hrs. be better off
2. Is using a PH controller a better option than hooking the solenoid valve
with a timer"

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