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Algae growing - please heeeeeelp!!!!!

Plese help me: I am being overcome with hair algae... It grows everywhere: on
plants, on the walls, in riccia, just floating on the surface etc... It is a
55 gal tank that has 2 GE plant&aquarium lamps, 1 GE sunlight and 1 cool
white lamp. It has a lot of plants and 6 convicts with babies in it. It also
has one 5 inch plecostomus. 

I need something that would eat that damn hair algae and at the same time
would not serve as a snack for the convicts. I bought a dozen of ghost shrimp
once hoping they would it the algae but they just turned out to become the
delicious lunch for the convicts... 10 sec after i put the shrimp in, one of
the convicts was running around with a shrimp in his mouth and another one
was chasing him trying to get it from him... Next couple of days the convicts
were suprisingly indifferent to food during their feeding time... and in a
week i could not find a single shrimp left.... 

Now I am looking for the infamous SAEs but given their small size I am 
afraid they can share the same fate as my poor shrimp... Especially now 
that a couple of convicts got babies and became super-aggresive. 
So what would you recommend to do to get rid of the algae? I am thinking 
about getting some snails to eat it on the walls but they wont eat the 
hair algae on the plants? What should I get: SAEs? ottocinclus? more 
plecos?? Maybe turning of the lighting for several days will kill the 
algae??? Please help.....