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Re: Bamboo Charcoal (was APD V3 #924

Hello Edison,

> I have been reading alot of Amano's book and he is almost always    > using Bamboo Charcoal as his medium for Filtration,  most of us here > in the APD is using Ceramics.

What do you have in mind, when you say "using ceramics"?  What type of

> My questions is, is Bamboo Charcoal an inferior type of Medium for  > filtering a Planted Aquarium?  Is this just a Japanese thing?

I would imagine, that the properties of Bamboo Charcoal would be similar
to charcoal from other types of wood, only richer in silica. Because
bamboo is relatively light, it is probably porous and the charcoal might
have more surface area, i.e. be better adsorbing.