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Re: Eternal Gratitude for Triangular Moss

> But "triangular moss" sounds like it might be the thing- the stuff in the
> picture looks like it has stems covered with many small leaves that form
> triangular shaped fronds.  It almost looks like a run of the mill terrestrial
> fern, mixed with java moss.  Is there anyone in Asia who would be willing to
> sell me some?  I would be eternally grateful!
> Kristin

Hi, Kristin,

I can spare you some of my Triangular Moss.  I suppose the best way for
me to send it to you would be to put some inside a small plastic bag and
sealed it inside an envelope.  Would the plant last the journey?  

If you are game, please send me a self-addressed envelope to this

Block 104 Towner Road
Singapore 322104

If any one else like to have this moss, please do the same.  But I don't
promise I have enough for everyone. 

You don't have to give me your eternal gratitude but a simple word of
thanks would be nice.

Loh K L