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amazon swords deadl, too much light? too littel P, N?

Hi all,
My 3 month old tank is doing ok, no algae at all, but plant growth slow.
The plants are all the common hygros, swords, ludwigia, anubias.

Tank = 65 gallon - 48''x18''x18''
15mg/litre CO2
temp = 82-84
4x48inch tubes (2.8wgallon)
The fish load is 40 small tetras and 4 small CAE's and 4 small SAE's -
possibly explaining the lack of algae :)

However I am using the correct dose of seachem flourish, and laterite, my
iron test kit doesn't monitor these iron levels, I dont think the tank is
iron defficient. 
Nitrate and phosphate are at 0ppm - this explains slow growth.
I am considering KNO3 adding but probably wont when I add 2 adult discus
that are not required as the others have paired off and will move to
breeeding tanks. (in the mean time I have increased feeding levels but I am
worried about phosphate building up) Besides I would rather have more fish
then add Nitrogen to the tank if possible !

My problem is that growth seems to be very slow to stagnant, cabomba is
growing fast(ish)
My amazon swords (regular type) have all died. They were in the tank since
the beggining and never put on new growth, Before I get some more of them
could someone please tell me why this could have happened. The crowns may
have been a bit low in the substrate that is all i could think of. I
thought this plant would grow like mad in this tank due to the warmer
temps, CO2, laterite etc..

Any comments please....
Daniel Green
bevgreen at cygnus_edu.au