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Okay, my two amazon swords have gone from having about 5-8 leaves each with
a maxumum length of ~6" per leaf, to having 25-30 leaves per plant with 50%
of those leaves being >13" long, all in under three weeks!!!!  Okay, now I
have two questions about these swords:
1) Is it possible to cut each plant in half to form two plants or will that
kill it?  (ie: how can I propogate the swords?)

2) what is the best way to trim these swords? should I cut the offending
leaves off at the base? should I just cut the leaves down to a reasonable

Please help, Daniel

PS: some of the leaves are turning yellowish (as apposed to the nice deep
green of the other leaves)... this looks like a nutrient deficency... which
deficency would cause yellowed leaves on swords?  (I can't afford an Iron or
phospate test kit right now...  Nitrate levels were around 10ppm before the
massive water change that I just did.)