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filter / wood shrimp

>Thanks for the input regarding the 'flower shrimp'.  After referring to
>your web site, it looks like I have Wood or Singapore shrimp.  The most
>notable feature being the two pair of filter/fan-like appendages used for
>feeding.  One of them just molted, so it looks like they must be getting
>enough to eat.

>Tom Petersen
>peter334 at tc_umn.edu

They like to eat decaying plant matter. Have a look at it's droppings. They
should be almost cube like, and there should be a LOT of them. The're easily
identifiable and can almost not be confused with fish droppings. This is a 
better way of knowing if your shrimp gets enough to eat. Otherwise let some 
old leaves in the tank on the bottom. 

Best regards,

Hugo Hoekstra