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A few questions

When I first set up my 30 gal. planted tank about two months ago with DIY
CO2, my plants would constantly bubble, and growth was quite fast.  However
with in the last two weeks all bubbling has stopped except for tiny bubbles
appearing on leaves but not the steady stream as before.  Also I've noticed
much slower growth in the swords, good growth in the Aponogeton crispus,
and little to no growth in the java moss.   The only changes I've made
within the past two weeks are:  4 new GE Chroma 50 36" 30 watt
tubes-instead of the 2 Philips alto collection tubes and 2 actinic blue
bulbs- ,  and a little faster CO2 bubble rate-I added another 2 liter
bottle.  I feterlize with Flourish 2 drops daily, and Flourish iron .5 ml
after 5 gal. weekly water changes.  I use a Penguin 300 filter with the
filter bags only, no carbon.  Temp. about 76-78 F.  and 7.0-7.2 PH.  I have
no other test kits at the moment.

Also when I change water, the water seems to have a 'yellowish' hue to it. 
Is this normal?