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Calcium additives?

I have decided that the pale and getting paler yellow that my plants leaves
are taking on is most likely due to soft water (60ppm GH) combines with peat
in the substrate (PMAS experimentation), leading to a critical shortage of
calcium.  Incidentally, the snails in this tank have also disappeared.  

I am trying to decide how best to add calcium without introducing carbonate
hardness.  Myy NO3 tests around 10 ppm, so I could go with CaNO3.  Also CaCl
is an option.  Is either of these available commercially, or do I need to make
my own with dolomite and the appropriate acid?  If they are available, where
at?  I could also use sulfuric acid from a swimming pool store.  My fish are
SA cichlids and tetras, so I have been trying for a soft environment, I think
maybe just not as soft as I have.  I'll pick up a hardness test tomorrow and
detirmine GH and Calcium hardness before I start this.  Dosing recommendations
for a 30 gallon with approximately 25 gallons net? 

Bob Dixon