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Re: Yeast in a Microworm Culture?

James Purchase writes:

> You've lost me here Bob. It's been years since I've cultured microworms -
>  are they sensitive to alcohol? Where is the alcohol in their culture coming
>  from?
>  The "wine yeast" is supposed to be more tolerant of high alcohol content
>  than "baking yeast" and so should last longer in a Yeast-Sugar CO2
>  generator, but why would you want to add it to a microworm culture? Is it
>  food for the microworms?

I'm always amazed at the number of people who culture microworms, yet don't
know how it works.  The worms don't eat the bread/cornmeal/baby
cereal/whatever that you build the culture in.  The bread feeds yeast.  The
yeast then feeds the microworms.  The yeast is introduced into the culture at
the same time as the micoworms.  I don't know, but I suspect that the culture
may be crashing due to alcohol.  But then on the other hand, the culture isn't
run anaerobically, so perhaps it is other metabolic wastes that kill the thing

Bob Dixon