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Re: Java moss as tank "wall paper"

> From: "alex pastor" <alexp at idirect_com>
> Subject: Java moss as tank "wall paper"
> A while back there was a thread about backdrops inside the tank using
> various things to attach plants by.
> I have a low light 65 gallon long.  It's been set up for a while now, and
> has had varying amounts of lighting over this time.  I have not scraped the
> algae from the back glass.  About two months ago I redid the tank and just
> plunked some java moss in the back part.  The moss has sent up christmas
> tree shapes that are attached to the algae.  It looks a bit foresty and it
> is flat against the algae, so no tufts sticking out.  "Hmmm, pretty cool,
> Mother Nature".

Hi All,

I was thinking about doing something like this myself. I am setting
up my plant tank again (I recently moved) and have been taking my
time on my planted tank. Beside silicon cementing some teraces into
the bottom of the tank, I also cemented cork to the back and side of
the aquarium. I was planning on trying to get java moss to attact to
the cork, but I wasn't sure how to get it started. I don't like the
idea of metal staples in my tank. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for your help.

Joe Sachleben
email: jsachleb at chemistry_ohio-state.edu