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Re: Halogen Egg Lites

Do you think that a few of these halogen egg lights would adequately light a 29G
curved face tank?  I am designing a waterfall/aquarium that I was trying to find
underwater/waterproof lights for.  The basic idea is that I love waterfalls and
ponds, but I would like to be able to see the fish and plants from the side and not
just from the surface.  Rocks would lead down into an aquarium and water would
trickle over the rocks into the aquarium.  As this would be indoors with no natural
light, I need some way to light the aquarium.  I do not want lights hanging over the
aquarium because it would interfere with the viewing of the waterfall and obviously a
hood won't work.  I had shelved the idea for awhile, because I couldn't figure a good
way to light the tank.  One obvious solution for lighting was to place the
waterfall/aquarium in a window or outdoors.  Unfortuanely my house does not get good
lighting except for one window and I do not want an outdoor feature.  The one good
window is currently claimed in my mom's "formal" living room, and I can't talk her
into re-arranging the house for a "silly" aquarium.  I am slowly getting her to
accept my hobby, but watching guppies give birth has only gottem her so far.  The
waterfall will not be that large or fast in flow.  I am looking for a relaxing sound
of trickling water with the added benefit of trying something different with an
aquarium.  No Niagra Falls in my house!  I know some people do the
vivarium/palundronim (sp?) approach, but I want the waterfall to be open and not
closed into a tank.  

Has anyone done this?  I feel somewhat foolish trying to combine two things that may
not be suited for each other.  I have some seen some wonderful waterfalls for indoor
use, but they do not have an open resevoir and especially not fish!  Would the
resevoir be fit for things to live in?  It will be well aerated by the water
trickling in, but not well lit, and CO2 addition would be silly.  Some low light
hardy plants might do well like Java moss, java fern, and crypts, right?  This all
depends on the light situation though.  Plastic plants, yuck!

If I place a colored lense over the halogen egg lights for parties or something, how
will that effect the plants and fish?  Will it freak them out or does the visual
spectrum not effect them that much?

Sorry for a long post and it is kind of off topic, but the best minds I know of for
aquaria are on this list!  Thank you for any advice.

Jennifer Glover
(in Waldorf, MD, USA, where spring is peeking around the corner)

> Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2099 00:17:40 -0600
> From: "Mike G." <msg at laol_net>
> Subject: Halogen Egg Lites
> Hi Everyone-
> Was doing some surfing the other day and ran across these curious little
> submersible halogen lites at www.newlite.com and wanted to pass it along to
> the list.  For those hurting on lighting and especially those who have
> trouble getting to the bottom because of dense growth or what have you,
> these may be useful.  I know there alot of ingenious people on the list and
> if this helps one person solve a problem then I've done my job.
> Mike G.