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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #922

Hello Daniel,

Where do you live? I would like to consider moving to your soft-water
area! :-)

I don't think that the directions you lost were talking about adding
LIME (CaO), but limeSTONE (CaCO3). Just place some marble chips in your
filter and you will increase *both* total hardness and alkalinity (KH).
(Keep testing dayly, then remove the chips.)

Adding calcium chloride (CaCl2) will increase your total hardness in a
hurry, but will do nothing to alkalinity and will seriously drop pH.


> My water coming out of the tap has a GH of 14ppm and no measurable KH.  The
> result is that adding CO2 drops the pH like a rock, and I get the pleasure
> of watching the shells on my snails disolve away until it kills them.  Some
> one on one of the lists (don't remember which one it was now) recomended
> adding lime (since it is just Ca and Mg) to the water to increase the
> hardness.  I don't remember the amounts of lime to water that were given (I
> had them saved on my computer, but my HD crashed last Tuesday and I lost
> everything).  Could someone please help me with figuring out a correct
> dosage of lime?  Thanks, Daniel
> PS: Could Gary (from Columbia, SC) please email me... I lost your email
> address and phone number when my HD crashed.  Thanks.