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increaseing hardness

My water coming out of the tap has a GH of 14ppm and no measurable KH.  The
result is that adding CO2 drops the pH like a rock, and I get the pleasure
of watching the shells on my snails disolve away until it kills them.  Some
one on one of the lists (don't remember which one it was now) recomended
adding lime (since it is just Ca and Mg) to the water to increase the
hardness.  I don't remember the amounts of lime to water that were given (I
had them saved on my computer, but my HD crashed last Tuesday and I lost
everything).  Could someone please help me with figuring out a correct
dosage of lime?  Thanks, Daniel

PS: Could Gary (from Columbia, SC) please email me... I lost your email
address and phone number when my HD crashed.  Thanks.