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Re: Java Moss

Kristin, I don't have that issue of TFH, but a lot of what various Takashi
Amano photos identify as Java Moss appears to be Willow Moss (Fontinalis
antipyretica) -- some of the books identify it as such, as well.  I obtained
some from Arizona Aquatic Gardens, and it didn't look like the same stuff at
first, but now that it's settled in, and I seem to have my nutrient dosages
closer to correct, new growth looks a lot like what is shown in the Amano

Another plant which the ADA pictures seem to use in the same manner is what
some of our list members refer to as "Triangular Moss" sold over in Asia...
One of the list members from Singapore was kind enough to send me a cutting
of some, and it's slowly starting to do fairly well.  It looks a lot like
the F. antipyretica, but tends to put out "fronds" that are in a narrow
triangle.  Real neat stuff; I wish I knew what the scientific name for it

- Chuck

Kristin writes:
> Hi there!  I am new to the Aquatic Plants Digest, and have a question for
> of you plant people out there.  If anyone gets Tropical Fish Hobbyist, in
> Dec.1998 issue, there is a two page photo of a Takashi Amano tank (pages
> &101).  Can anyone identify the great looking plant growing all over the
> in the tank?  It looks sort of like a type of Java moss, and Vesicularia
> is listed as one of the plants in the tank, but it sure doesn't look like
> dubyana!   I would love to have such a nice "ferny" looking plant in my
> but have been unable to identify it. Thanks for any help!
> Kristin