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RE: Reliability of Test Kits for Iron

I can't vouch specifically to the accuracy of it, but I've been quite
pleased with the "Natural Gold Iron Test Kit" I bought from Schoeler
Enterprises ( http://www.aquatics.net/schoeler-enterprises/ ).  On the
chelated iron in the Homegrown Hydroponics trace element mix, it gives the
same reading as my Seachem Iron test, without having to wait an hour to get
the final reading (it reads instantly).  It appears to use a Hach reagent,
and has worked well for "tuning in" my PMDD mixture.

- Chuck

James Purchase writes:
> Zon, what it all boils down to is that chelated Iron (the form that we
> our aquariums with) is not all that easy to measure using hobbyist grade
> test kits, even expensive ones. In my experience, if you can get even a
> of a color change on an Iron test kit you should be OK - don't sweat it if
> you can't see exactly "0.1 ppm". It is much easier to learn  to look at
> plants and let them tell you when to increase/decrease your Iron
> supplementation.