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More Chemistry questions

First of all I would like to thank those that posted the actual formula
for converting dKH, pH to CO2 it really is helpful.

Now my other question.  I'm presently running a mixture of well
water dKH 27 dGH 30 through a commercial water softener which
is giving me water at dKH 3, and dGH 27.  My fish tanks now
are a blend of this to give me about 14 dKH.  Within a week or 
two I expect have a RO system on line also.

My questions are what does the commercial softener do to change
the water chemistry.  Since it is using salt My suspicion is it is
substituting Sodium and or Chlorine atoms to make the water appear
softer.  But what chemical are left from these and can they be 
harmful to fish and or plants?  

Also when I install the RO system would I be better off hooking it up 
to the pre softened water or to the raw well water?  My general idea after
getting it is to use a mixture of about 1 part raw well water to 5 parts
RO water hopefully will bring my water down to about 6 to 7.5 dKH.
However people also tell me the pH will probably not change.  Will the
addition of CO2 bring my water down from the present 8.4 pH and keep
the CO2 ration properly in line with the prior quoted formula?